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About the farm

In 2009 we, Celeste and Willem, moved to the farm from Cape Town. We loved the area and were craving the lifestyle. For us this has become a continuous journey to self-sustainability.

The farm consists of 52 ha of land, with 7.2 ha currently planted with table grapes. Around the main house we have gradually implemented permaculture principles and we also offer a few introductory courses. Our dream is to live in a self-sustainable manner and to be conscious of and caring for the environment that we are the custodians of.

The farm is a portion of a piece of land originally called “Aan de mont van de Hartebeest River”. It was granted free hold in 1692. This was later split into two sections and thereafter sub-divided many more times. Today this valley is made up of many of these smaller farms of which Kuruma is one. The valley primarily farms table grapes for the export market. Kuruma’s different owners over the years have tried various types of farming - from dairy, olives, peaches and of course grapes.

The name ‘Kuruma’ comes from a Khoi word meaning ‘Dry Place’.


Willem and Celeste cares and nurtures life at Kuruma with the help of her team.

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